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At Name of care home we understand that good quality, nutritious food as an important component for health and well-being in all our residents' lives. We offer a choice of over 200 meals on our menu, there is always something to tempt you.

We offer a seasonal, 4 weekly menu in which there is no repetition of meals, unless it is requested, there is always at least one alternative meal option, but if there is something your fancy for lunch, just let the chef know, and the utmost will be done to arrange it for you.

Special dietary requirement are more and more common these days, and of course we cater for all dietary needs, for religious and medical requirements, we offer Halal, Kosher, Afro-Caribbean and Asian meals, along with Diabetic, Gluten free, Low Fat, Low Salt, High Protein and vegetarian options are available.

We also offer soft and pureed options for people who may have difficulty chewing and swallowing their food, our Every pureed dish looks just like a normal meal whilst soft choices offer appetising colour combinations, making them look as good as they taste. The result is a healthy, nourishing and visually appealing range that provides a dignified dining experience.

We also scored a 5 on our food hygiene inspection with the Hyndburn Council Food Hygiene and the Food Standards Agency